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Participated in Intermold Korea 2013
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We participated in Intermold Korea 2013 (2013.3.12~16) and exhibited mold temperature controllers which give the best solution for injection molding machine companies to manufacture their injection products with dramatically low cost and high quality. At that time, we introduced new products to current customers and explained superb and economic feasibility of equipment to customers who have not used it yet introducing principal and basis of these adopted technologies.

S-Con(Smart Controller), new mold cooling technology for halved cycle time (productivity increase by 200%) and the best quality is adopted on, is representative equipment. User manage adequate mold temperature selecting water temperature and flow rate according to product design. And, storable 31 mold setting data per mold enable setup time reduction, molding standardization and efficient process.

PRH&C(Pressurized Water Rapid Heat & Cool System) system heats mold over thermal deformation temperature before high polymer resin is filled and cools mold quickly. So, molding product has high quality of No Weld, No Painting and No Scratch. And, energy cost is 90% smaller than steam system because used hot water is collected on auxiliary tank and is recycled.

GHC(Good Heat & Cool) is low price, similar function with PRH&C and compact size for small injection molding machine. The feature is installation in limited space and simple operation etc.. Besides, there are scale-preventive Scale-free soft water feeder, Mold preheating & scale removing device and Chiller.