This equipment prevents scales occurrence completely, resulting in enhancing of mold and mold temperature controller, preventing disorder in pump mechanical seal and heater, therefore, it dramatically improves the heat exchange efficiency and shortens the cycle time related to product quality.
▶ Removing Ca+2, Mg+2 substance
This equipment removes scale substance (Ca+2, Mg+2) when using underground water and industrial water

▶ Preventing scale clogging
This can prevent reaction to scale occurrence in advance, as a result, avoid any related damage.

▶ Easy temperature control
It prevents any scale clogging on thermal controller and mold pipe line, therefore, it dramatically increases heat conduction effect. You can easily control as it can minimize the difference between top and bottom side of mold.

▶ Reducing electric charge
If scales clogging is prevented, high heat conduction increasingly cut down electric cost for heating and pump.

▶ No need A/S
If scale removal is well controlled, it can dramatically enhance the life of thermal controller and cooler components, so no need to call A/S after service.
Manufacturing Cost Reduced by Improved Injection Mold Operating Ratio.

* Note : Special product will be supplied by order