This high cycle system equipped not only all features of artificial intelligence controller & monitoring systems, but also has a built-in chiller, which can be used for forced cooling in machine’s water for heat exchange. This feature allows high speed production.
1. Equipped with artificial intelligence mold temperature controller and monitoring systems.
2. Resolved incoming cold water’s bottle neck phenomenon and build-up of back-pressure, and used Bernoulli’s principal to design quick cooling system.
3. Rapid cooling by a built-in turbulence flow and excellent heat exchange capability are controlled by Fuzzy logic.
4. Self-diagnosis and preprogrammed judgment functions are built-in, all problems can be diagnosed as well as cooling capability of mold (Developed with cutting edge technology).
The suction type mold temperature adjusting device is configured to control temperature by way of sucking cooling water inside mold by using suction pump. The device is so developed as to be installed with a direct through cooling circuit that is mountable even in a complicated structure with several pieces of assembly cores, enabling to suck air inside the cavity, whereby forming performance is excellent and cooling is perfectly executed.
▶ Engineering method with an excellent forming capability that leaves no non-formed area and free from generation of gas (Vacuum process of forming part)
▶ Productivity greatly enhanced due to markedly reduced cooling time
▶ Realization of perfect forming by sucking air and foreign objects inside the forming part
▶ Cooling operation that is performable even in a mold that leaks water resultant from broken core
▶ Sequential automatic control performable by using interface with injection molding machine
* Note : Above specifications are subject to change without notice for better performace.