The term of “Fuzzy & PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative)” technology specifies an engineering method of using a thermal energy of high polymer resin heated for plasticity and a new technology of rapidly cooling the high polymer resin infused into a mold. Based on fuzzy logic and artificial intelligence from the “Fuzzy & PID” technology, a method of rapidly cooling a mold after the injection molding is developed to greatly shorten a manufacturing period, and a self-diagnosis and preliminary determination are possible. Software thereto has been developed, where a mold temperature is accurately controlled by the PID operational method.
① Selection of cold water/hot water :
The system maximized electrical energy saving by separately controlling the molds to be cooled and those in need of heating.
② Quick cooling :
It is possible to increase the flow of cooling water for high cycle production.
③ Selection of water management method :
If the sensor becomes defective or is missing, The system can operate in media temperature mode.
Accumulated time of use in Heater and Pump checkable (removal side, fixed side)
(Life diagnosable: Long and short time alternatively useable)
∴Greatly contributed to improvement of operation rate of injection molding machines
Simple connection structure between main body and controller by using lan-cable.

A : Below 100℃, B : Below 140℃, C : Below 160℃ (Model for triple zone is not specified)
A : Below 100℃, B : Below 140℃, C : Below 160℃ (H : Horizontal, V : Vertical)