What is SuperTornado

- Most manufacturers install the cooling towers on the rooftop, which causes a pressure to the expelled water from the
  mold temperature controller. Thus the water cannot circulate as smoothly and swiftly as expected, which lowers the
  heat-exchanging rate.
- SuperTornado, a technology exclusively owned by Masang, solves the problem mentioned above by generating a
  turbulence in the cold water and exhausting the cold water by vacuum suction technology.
● Minimizing the temperature difference between the mold and the cooling water by increase the flow volume and
    velocity using vacuum suction technology.
● Increasing the cooling speed remarkably by vacuum suction. (Re no 18,000~60,000)
● Applicable even without a sensor on the mold.
● Turbulence can also prevent the scale from generating in the pipes.

Comparison W/ SuperTornado

- The continuous pressure (2~6㎏/㎠)of the cooling water
   from the Main cooling tower channel slows down the
   flow velocity. 0.2~0.6m/Sec
- Main channel water is controlled by Sol V/V. And the
   water velocity inside the mold is high because of the
   vacuum suction and the elastic water hose. 6.0~12m/Sec
- Laminar flow inside the mold is below Re No 1000.
- The water in the mold is vacuumed out so the turbulence
   is generated. (Re No 18,000 plus)
- Low cooling capacity.
- High cooling capacity.
- The build-up of the scale restricts the heat-exchanging
- No scale, high heat-exchanging capacity.
1.Vacuum state  2. Vacuum suction  3. Turbulence generation



Common MTC: 1ℓ/min → △t 2℃ X 1ℓ = 2 ㎉/min
SuperTornado : 30ℓ/min → △t 1℃ X 30ℓ = 30 ㎉/min

Improvement Case


1.H Company 1,800t Injection Machine

                                                   Hyundai’s supplier
Applied Parts
(Common MTC )
(Super Tordado)
Model No.
Car door panel
80 sec.
50 sec.
( Chiller + Auto Master)
▶ Improvement : 38 % reduction of Cycle Time

2. D Company 1,300t Injection Machine

                                                    LG Electronics’ supplier
Applied Parts
(Common MTC )
(Super Tordado)
Model No.
Washing machine cap
58 sec.
15 sec.
▶ Improvement : 78 % reduction of Cycle Time



1.As the enlarged photo above shows, there are small assembly tolerances between small cores, so the air together
  with the cold water can be sucked out, which leads to a better injection molding.
2.Vacuum pressure can be controlled by the water amount at Inlet side, which, as a result, controls the exhausted
  air amount.
3.Due to the big suction strength of Outlet side between each core, O-Ring is not needed, yet no water leakage.
  And the cooling circuit can be installed everywhere in the molding part, hence the productivity can be increased up
  to 300%.
4.Cooling circuit could not be installed in the thin core plates or boss pins, but this now can be done by way of
  diffusion bonding technique.