Improvement of product quality, decrease of post-process painting and painting defect;
• Cycle time is shortened by 30% ~ 58% and productivity goes up considerably
• Defect rate drops below 0.1% (Injection molding industry’s average defect rate is 24%)
• Resin material is saved by 18% (No over –filled resin and defect rate reduction)
• Electricity consumption is reduced considerably.
• Capital investment is saved, because of extended life-span of injection molding machine and mold (Approx. 40%).
• User need not purchase additional injection machines.
• Product quality can be improved considerably, and many different products can be manufactured as required.
• Your company can be a leading technology-driven first-class injection molding company.

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Competitors Products
(Japan, US & Europe)
Production rate
1,200 EA (for 12 hrs)
745 EA (for 12 hrs)
Cycle time
36 Sec
58 Sec

Defect rate

0.08% (1 EA)
16% (119 EA)
Mold's life
300,000 Shots
200,000 Shots
Temp. Deviation
±0.1~0.5 ℃ (Direct control)
±3~28 ℃ (Indirect control)
Power Consumption
1,962 KW/M
23,370 KW/M
Machine's life
Approx. 8 years
Approx. 3-4 years
Machine's type
Low & High temp. (Combined)
Only high temp.